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(Prism | Art by Livia Prima)

The current meta is challenging players to try out heroes they haven’t before. Through this series, we will break down just what each hero brings to the table, from abilities, playable cards and equipment and interactions with other heroes. Looking at blitz, CC and UPF, we will see which heroes are unplayable, playable, fun to play, winners or need more support.

After letting Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light go to the eternal depths of the Living Legends status, the only option Prism players had was either turning to the dragon mommy or making the Light Illusionist hero playable in Blitz. For many, it was worth it and if you’re a Prism player who still hasn’t gotten over the fact that she’s “gone,” continue reading.

What Does She Do?

Young Prism has 4 intellect and 20 life. She is a Light Illusionist and as such can play generic, Light, Illusionist, and Light Illusionist cards. As a once per turn instant that costs two resources, you can banish a card from Prism’s soul and create a Spectral Shield token. These babies are ward 1 auras that were made before ward was a thing.

Weapon and Equipment

The backbone of most Prism decks is Luminaris, a beautiful Light Illusionist weapon which gives your Illusionist attacks go again with a yellow card in pitch (but you can do this with a lovely alternative, more about this later) and turns all your auras into tiny Light Kodachis. You can also use Iris of Reality, which turns your auras into more expensive versions of Talishar, the Lost Prince, without the rust counters.

If you want to go full Legendary with your equipment, Arcanite Skullcap, Vestige of Sol, and Phantasmal Footsteps are your must-haves. Other pieces of equipment you could want for your deck are Crown of Reflection, Fyendal’s Spring Tunic, Gambler’s Gloves, or other matchup specific pieces. If you’re on a budget, Halo of Illumination is a good choice, as are Dream Weavers, Deep Blue, and Silent Stilettos.

Card That Are the Core

There are multiple ways to play Prism, but the two most popular ones are Heralds / Attack Action Prism and Aura Prism. Both of these have their pros and cons, such as the fear of your Phantasm attacks being popped or a Brute going ape on your auras.

These cards should be the backbone to Prism decks.

Herald of Erudition yellow is a lovely dominate attack and if it doesn’t hit and stays on the chain, you can always copy it with Fractal Replication red. As for Auras, Arc Light Sentinel yellow as well as Genesis yellow will be your best friends.

Now, depending on your playstyle, you might want to just go Merciful Retribution yellow + Ode to Wrath yellow and create a bunch of Spectral Shields and watch as your enemies try to figure out how to make you lose health. On the topic of OtW, it also gives your Illusionist attacks go again (remember we talked about that with Luminaris). Soul Shield yellow is a good defense reaction as it goes straight to your soul and it is yellow, so it can be used as a pitch.

Let’s take a look at the formats she can be played in and if she’s unplayable, playable, fun to play, a winner, or needs more support.


In Blitz, time is money, and Prism has some very expensive cards that require some time to set up. She doesn’t have many zero cost cards but some attack actions she has are one cost and some auras she plays are zero cost. However, you need to be prepared to pay a pretty penny when it comes down to ALS, or really any aura you want to play as an instant. If you keep your deck pretty yellow, you’ll have no problem with this one.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Prism can be played as an interrupter deck similarly to a Wizard. Your opponent plays his card and the priority switches to you – this is an important moment to think about the cards you have in hand, whether to create a Shield or to put down an aura.

As a competitive player, you want to keep a rich sideboard of equipment for any and all opponents. Luckily, most of your equipment will already have Arcane Barrier and the Shields also serve as a ward. Iris Prism is still a relatively new and not-often-seen thing, so that might surprise your enemies enough to throw them off guard. Concentrate on the cards you have in your deck, read your opponent well and prep your turns in advance. Arsenal smart and think about what you can do with the next four cards you draw. You could arsenal ALS just to put him down and still have a two-card hand, or you can put down Replication and wait for a powerful combo and two resources to come to you.

Casual Prism fans and players might feel a bit disappointed when they see that they can’t let 20 damage just slide in the first few turns. Blitz Prism has to be fast and furious, but still gracious and cunning. So let your love for Solana and the first girly of the Great Library fill your heart up while you wield your Illusionist weapons and play your go again attacks. Take pleasure in every card that goes into your soul and every aura that deals damage and you’re sure to have fun with her.


R.I.P. Prism.


This is where the fun starts.

If you’re an Ultimate Pit Fight tactician, you’re gonna want to make sure one of the people next to you doesn’t touch you. With this, you can have all the time in the world to set up your auras and be a real late-game threat. All of the tips for Blitz apply for UPF, with a dash of conversing with other players. As a Prism player, you might get the empathy of the rest of the community (after all, this is one of the very few formats where you can still play her) and then BAM – hit em with the “first attack loses phantasm +4 go again Herald of Erudition yellow” thing.

Competitive players will enjoy Prism in UPF, but be prepared that as soon as you start putting down auras, you will be targeted. By Wizards, by neighbors, by anybody who can touch you to pop those auras.

If you want to channel your inner diplomat, turn to Prism’s beauty and grace before you start punching your enemies in the face. Backstabbing is where it’s at with UPF, so don’t feel bad about it.

Overall Score: Fun to Play / Winner

If you get a very tough matchup, you might not win, but you will have fun with this deck. The feeling of having an empty hand and still attacking your enemy is always nice and the potential Prism currently has is enough to put her in Living Legends a second time. Even if you’re still salty about the first time, with the right set of legendary equipment and a playset of the must-have cards in your deck, you will have fun.

As for casual players, you’ll have fun either way just playing a hero that entered the LL status in the first few years of this game’s existence.

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