How to Play Enigma, New Moon in Blitz

Enigma, New Moon

Part the Mistveil brings many fun things to FAB, with one of the most notable and talked about being the golden girl, Enigma, New Moon. While she isn’t Betty White, she’s created a lot of buzz in the Flesh and Blood community; obtaining her through an extra lottery pack contained in randomized boxes automatically makes people interested in the hero. There’s just something cool about finding that extra 25th pack at the bottom of a box.

Green Enigma is the third installment of legendary young heroes printed by LSS in sets. She’s joined by Shiyana, Diamond Gemini and Emperor, Dracai of Aesir. These have had varying community responses. They range from “cool collectors pieces and LSS should do more of them” to “they create potential scarcity and pricing problems for people who want to play these heroes.” Either way, there’s a lot of talk about her.

Let’s Talk About the Gold Pack

The gold pack is how you obtain GreEnigma (Green Enigma). It contains Enigma, New Moon in either her standard print or a highly rare marvel printing, as well as a white and green alternate coloration of the MST Spectral Shields. So far, there isn’t another way to obtain these tokens, making them sought after by some players.

As mentioned before, the gold pack is an extra 25th pack in your box and doesn’t contribute to the pull rates of the rest of your box. The pack shows up in one out of 20 booster boxes and is included in the localized language releases (it’s neat that she’s also printed in Japanese and French language variants). The other languages receive the English variant in their gold packs.

Ok, What Does Enigma, New Moon Actually Do?

Enigma, New Moon has one of those textboxes that looks like it’s going to be really fun! She gives all of her equipment the cloaked ability. When you start the game, your equipment equip face down and you can flip them later with her ability and an Inner Chi.

When you flip an equipment with her ability, if it has ward, you make three Spectral Shields. This can be extremely helpful for a hero that doesn’t start with any block utility on board. You can easily turn a copy of Diadem of Dreamstate into five block off one card. It’s especially good when you remember that the damage prevention can be split up. The ability is both unique and utilitarian. Though, I’m not sure if she’ll be able to keep up with the top of the meta in Blitz.

Some Possibilities for Enigma

Enigma has some interesting ways to build her deck. There’s a lot of creativity to be had in her card pool. Here are two interesting approaches.

The Thematic/Synergistic Route

Enigma, New Moon’s ability cares about having transcend cards in deck to power her textbox and get your equip block going. When you play this build of New Moon, you just lean all the way into that and play most of the cards that want you to pitch Inner Chi, play a blue card, or want you to transcend. The deck gets to run the common attacks that get better if you’ve transcended or played a blue that turn. These allow you to use the transcend instants as attack reaction cards to buff your attacks and then activate enigma. You also get to use Manifestation of Miragai at full power as a bit of a great tool for stealing tempo because it just does that. Unravel Aggression becomes a strong defensive option for this pile and helps filter into your main game plan.

“Wait, we have a gameplan?” you say. The deck is trying to end games by slamming a Cosmic Awakening for 20 after chipping at the opponent for the entirety of the game. Dropping a 20-damage attack on the table is just one of the best feelings in the game

Turtle Auras

The deck can also be built a little like old tank Illusionist builds. These tend to use Iris of Reality and spectra auras to create a board state that swings consistently and can be hard for the opponent to deal with. This is achieved with a pile of defensive options and good auras. Combining the blue spectra auras and the transcend cards allows you to play a blue aura to activate transcend text. Then at instant speed you can both play the transcend card (given it doesn’t need to target an attack) and activate Enigma to have a spectra aura as well as three shields. This puts the opponent in the odd spot of staring down a sudden defensive board state.

Shimmers of Silver really shines when in this pile. It becomes a must-answer card when paired with the Spectra auras and Iris. This deck will be particularly effective against tall strategies and really shows it’s weaknesses against any wide deck. The strategy is a balance between trying to tank up and having enough cards in hand to make the opponent care about your crack back.

The Takeaway

Enigma, New Moon looks like a fun addition to the Blitz roster. She has enough power to take to an Armory, but seems friendly enough to play in a community with a lot of new players. She allows for builds playing mostly the new cards as well as ones that can use a lot of the old ones. So, new and old Illusionist players can enjoy running their favorite cards. She’s also one of the best decks for throwing full power Cosmic Awakening at people and I think that’s neat! If you manage to get your hands on a copy of her, try bringing her to your next Blitz Armory or side event and it should be a good time!

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