The Commoner Club – Dash Dives into the Database

Dash, Database
(Dash, Database | Art by Sam Yang)

Bright Lights, the latest set fromĀ Flesh and Blood, introduced several new Mechanologist heroes, outfitted with several new trinkets and gadgets to tinker around with. While we’ve previously touched upon original Dash (Dash Remains Top-Tier!) and the oft-misunderstood Data Doll MKII (Is Data Doll MKII Viable?) for the Commoner format, today we’ll look at our original Mechanologist’s newest counterpart, Dash, Database.

Why Play Dash, Database?

While original Dash allows us to begin the game with a two-cost-or-less item (usually a Hyper Driver), Dash, Database is a sneakier hero that can cheat in items from the deck. And that’s not the only thing she can cheat on – by playing cards with the crank mechanic, we can remove one steam counter from them to gain an action point. Squeezing in all these extra actions is key to mastering her playstyle.

Boom or Bust

The core of this variation of Dash, Database revolves around the card Boom Grenade. With a nasty on-hit effect, most opponents won’t let our next attack through. However, once they overcommit, we can then cheat in a new copy via our hero’s ability, thereby allowing a free hit. These are some of the play lines available in this deck.

Autosave Script is a tool best used for grindy matchups, and combined with a miser’s copy of Under Loop, it prevents faster deck outs.

Optekal Monocle doesn’t have crank, but it pads out the top-decks via opt. Should we have spare resources at the end of our opponent’s turn, we can also play out an item card on their turn.

Some New Things

Data Link and Dive Through Data are both key pieces to further commit to the Database game plan, and are cheap, aggressive attacks in their own right.

Expedite and MetEx are even more threatening attacks to consider, as these have a more concrete on-hit effect that saves us action points or steam counters on our items. Consider cranking the cheated cards once again to gain a free action point, as this action point actually stacks with the boost mechanic.

Dumpster Dive and Sprocket Rocket are just efficient attacks to round out the deck, while Urgent Delivery is a mix of efficient and threatening.

Big Hitters

With a foreseeable amount of Boom Grenades in the graveyard, we can safely assume we’ll be able to pull off a Junkyard Dogg play at least once a game. Payload is just an efficient way to close out, or even outright steal a match, especially when both players are down to low life totals.

Old Reliables

Throttle, Zero to Sixty, and Zipper Hit are just way too efficient attacks, and are the golden standard for in-faction, and even out-of-faction, cards. Every Mechanologist deck should at least consider these cards as the foundation of a deck before adding in newer card packages.

Don’t Bring A Gun to a Knife Fight

Symbiosis Shot is an insane weapon that allows for very wide turns in Dash, Database. Due to the nature of sneaking items onto the board, the gun will naturally accrue steam counters over the course of the game. When the opponent finally full-blocks to prevent a grenade activation, we can then get more action points and convert these into Symbiosis Shot pings.

Talismanic Lens is the rare exception to my glowing Hope Merchant’s Hood recommendation, for the former lets us pad out our draws and top-decks. However, the hood is still great as it lets us get rid of clunky full-item hands.

Achilles Accelerator is still better than most generic and Mechanologist options, especially as a deck that wants to boost a lot, while Vest of the First Fist is just more flexible than Heartened Cross Strap.

Meanwhile, Goliath Gauntlet is just so good with Throttle and Payload, but the addition of Junkyard Dogg makes it all the more lethal.

The Deck

Dash, Database is a great Commoner alternative for those who already have the pieces for the original Dash but want to play around with the newer Bright Lights commons. I still personally prefer the original version, and I do believe it remains a superior pick, but isn’t variety is the spice of life?

Welcome to the Club.

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