The Story (So Far) of Dusk Till Dawn

Lore Review

Anyone who’s ever talked to James White, creator of Flesh and Blood, or even just listened to some of his speeches, knows he loves to talk about Rathe. He’ll start off by flipping any FAB card face down to show the art of the backside. Unlike most other TCGs, FAB’s art has always had some hidden messages, and the back of cards is no exception.

Legend Story Studios (LSS) talked about this in a post on their website. “We knew from the beginning that we wanted to depict all eight regions on our card backs, in order to represent the world of Rathe.”

Back side of Flesh and Blood cards

Back side of Flesh and Blood cards which depicts the eight regions of Rathe

As James continues, he’ll talk about the different parts depicted in the art, from Aria to Volcor, from Solana to the Demonastery. He’ll talk about the balance of the world, between Light and Shadow. This counterbalance between the two forces is what drives Dusk Till Dawn. All of the heroes from Solana and the Demonastery, ones we already know and some we’ve yet to meet, are entwined in this story. 

The Story

íArathael is a land behind the curtain, one found thousands of years ago by the First Grand Magister and architect of holy Solana. His 13 most devoted disciples were executed while he was banished from Solana for denouncing Sol. This is what encouraged the Magister, now The Devout, to build another edifice – The Demonastery. There he could story íArathael, the mirror world to Rathe. 

As Prism describes it, it’s both beautiful and frightening. It was Prism who came to the aid of Guardians Oldhim and Bravo when they fought against the Embra, stinking dark creatures that crossed over from íArathael. With the beast sent back from whence it came, Prism asked for help for her people, for Solana. The two Guardians agreed to help as they met other allies on the battlefield, all of them well known. Lexi and Briar were a part of the ranks that Bravo organized, with three more figures appearing from the ranks when all hope was lost: Dorinthea Ironsong, Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn, and Shiyana, Diamond Gemini.

The battlefield

On the battlefield

However, no matter how hard the fighters of Solana and Aria tried to push back the horde, the Demonastery pushed back harder. In the upcoming days the battle was hard, and on the sixth day of the siege, the pushback from the Demonastery came to a halt. It was enough time for Shiyana, Dorinthea, and the rest to collect their thoughts and prepare for what’s to come – the final blow, or so they thought. On the other side of the battlefield, Vynnset and Levia also conversed. Sacrifices were prepared, 13 souls of Solana for the 13 disciples executed long ago. People in Solana started walking, seemingly hypnotized, towards the gate Levia opened, the Dimenxxional Gateway. When they reached, their bodies fell, flesh and skin shriveled around chalky bones. Levia stood at the Gateway, giving herself over to Blasmophet and letting out a terrifying roar. 

As Solana and Aria’s chosen ones got as many civilians to safety as they could, it was once again the Diamond Gemini and Prism who stood in silence, the librarian’s eyes full of tears.

What Else Do We Know?

One thing we’re sure of is that LSS has thought about this for quite some time now. From angel names to heroes we didn’t think would be important before the early previews of DTD. In early Boltyn stories, Bellona is mentioned as an angel figure that he sees when he is chosen by Sol. Even Prism brings up the fact that that encounter is out of the ordinary. One of the first images we received from DTD was that of Prism and a character that wasn’t expected by many: Shiyana. In that image, they seem to be shifting, with Shiyana seemingly taking on the appearance, bit by bit, of Prism. The two of them are involved in the war, both in their own way. 

The flavor of the new cards, as well as the new keyword of Unity is fitting to this story, as the characters who we know have received new specializations are the very ones who battled against the forces of dark, of Shadow. 

The heroes of Sol holding up their weapons in unity

The heroes of Sol holding up their weapons in unity

In this story, it’s not clear who “wins,” as this isn’t a battle that will be won in a few hours or even days. As such, it’s the perfect story for the start of PvE, with what we can assume will be either Solana or the Demonastery getting ready to complete their missions. 

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