Precon Progression – Enigma Blitz Deck

Enigma Blitz Precon

Fresh off Part the Mistveil, Enigma is Flesh and Blood‘s newest Illusionist hero, striking fear once again to all who were whittled down by many a Dromai, Ash Artist game. Instead of dragons, she weaponizes Spectral Shield tokens and other ward auras to do her bidding.

Today we’re upgrading her Blitz precon.

What’s in the Enigma Blitz Precon Deck?

Enigma likes to play two modes: a defensive one, where she builds up an army of Spectral Shield and auras to provide a defensive cushion; and an offensive onslaught where she starts attacking, all while supported by her own wards on the crack back.

Let’s look at the deck list first:

Power Cards

Enigma needs Spectral Shield to advance her game plan. Spectral Manifestations and Waning Vengeance red and blue both play into this theme. Waxing Specter is also a decent ward aura, with a built-in go again from Cosmo.

Battlefront Bastion and Second Tenet of Chi: Tide are both hefty attacks, which we need in a fast-paced format such as Blitz.

Moon Chakra and Essence of Ancestry: Mind are both defensive options, which are essential to our ebb and flow game plan of building up the board and then going on the offense.

Finally, the variety of Transcend cards such as Rising Sun, Setting Moon, Preserve Tradition, and A Drop in the Ocean are core cards to gain access to Inner Chi.

Astral Etchings is a combat trick which could be essential to sneak in final bits of damage.

Uphold Tradition has crazy synergy with Cosmo, as it essentially grants Go Again from the arms slot.

We must remember that Waxing Specter and Waning Vengeance are Instants, so we can play them on the opponent’s turn.

Finally, I will echo a tip I formerly wrote in my set review:

A neat trick Enigma can do is to play a blue instant, such as Moon Chakra, and then follow up with another blue instant, such as Rising Sun, Setting Moon, before the first card resolves. By chaining cards in this order, the latter resolves first, but will now transcend due to us playing Moon Chakra, even though it hasn’t resolved yet. Chakra then resolves, which lets us prevent three damage instead of just one. There are plenty of lines available with just this one trick!

Initial Upgrades for Enigma

Enigma Chimera, Phantasmal Haze, and Spears of Surreality red and blue are all hefty attacks, which the deck severely lacks. These four cards should shore up some of our offensive holes.

Spectral Prowler functions as a chip attack, while Vengeful Apparition can cheat a second copy or Essence of Ancestry: Mind in. Worst case, the card is another ward attacker for free, or a blue pitch that blocks for three.

Speaking of zero-cost Auras, Haze Bending might deserve some space in the sideboard as a way to slowly build up a huge army of Spectral Shield tokens in slow matches.

The triumvirate of Fate Foreseen, Sink Below, and Unmovable is great in any deck that wants to slow down the game.

Path Well Traveled and Pass Over provide transcend density to the deck.

Aqua Laps and Blossom of Spring are just the best cheap equipment to pick up, as the alternatives are pricey.

Silent Stilettos, Nullrune Gloves, and Nullrune Robe are our choice for Arcane Barrier.

This is what the deck looks like after the initial upgrades:

Mid-Term Upgrades

Levels of Enlightenment and 10,000 Year Reunion are just some of the greatest Enigma pieces to come from Part the Mistveil. And it should make for some memorable memories to be smacked by a 10-power Aura.

Sacred Art: Immortal Lunar Shrine is just mandatory for Enigma; it does everything we need.

Phantasmaclasm, Miraging Metamorph, and Rage Specter are all huge attacks, which should further bolster the deck’s offensive prowess.

Manifestation of Miragai is a way to generate huge amounts of +1 power counters, while Restless Coalescence gives us another payoff for these.

Dissolve Reality and Dense Blue Mist are defensive options and warrant a look.

Long-Term Upgrades

Command and Conquer is just a format staple, so let’s make it a point to acquire a playset if we’re dedicated to Blitz and Classic Constructed.

Meridian Pathway or Phantasmal Footsteps are both decent leg pieces, while Traverse the Universe is the go-to headpiece for Enigma. We can consider Crown of Reflection for Arcane Barrier, or just as a decent combat trick if one can pick it up for cheap.

Fyendal’s Spring Tunic is an all-around amazing chest piece. However, it’s not as big of a difference than Blossom of Spring if the game doesn’t go for six turns.

Enigma is definitely a fun hero, with lots of highlight plays and an amazing endgame once she’s fully transcended. Most of her power is locked behind some powerful majestics, however.

Next installment, we’ll finally be looking at Zen, whose adult version seems to be tearing up the Classic Constructed tournament circuit! Till then, happy shuffling!

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Kenny is a non-binary Flesh and Blood player of Philippine and Japanese descent. A two-time A Game of Thrones: The Living Card Game National Champion, they started playing Magic: The Gathering during the Zendikar Block and eventually switched to harder stuff, like Legacy and Modern. When not asleep, they are probably compulsively building new decks, working on their design brand, thrifting for pretty clothes, bringing their kpop photocards everywhere, touching grass or malding over Teamfight Tactics.