Frequently Asked Questions

FABREC was founded in 2021 as a data-driven Flesh and Blood resource for players of all levels. We provide data on decklists of every hero, format and class staples, and combos to help you build your next deck. In partnership with Legend Story Studios, we also operate Spellvoid, a powerful Flesh and Blood search engine. We use all of that data to generate the most comprehensive statistics and insights possible, allowing you to find all kinds of useful information about your favorite hero at a glance in both casual and competitive play.
FABREC pulls decklist data from across the world. That includes the full field at Callings in North America, as well as the latest decklists our team can find from the ever-growing world of Flesh and Blood. We collect data daily from user-submitted decks and from across the internet; as such, new data is reflected most often on pages within a few days.
Flesh and Blood is a new game and growing fast, and so is FABREC! We're aiming to build the most useful and comprehensive Flesh and Blood data possible, and we'll continue to add new features as we go. If you have a suggestion or have a bug to report, please let us know by contacting us here!
When a new card enters our database, the number of total decks it could appear in is counted from that point forward, so it is possible for new cards to appear in 100% of decks for a hero, if it appears in every decklist submitted to FABREC since it was printed.
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Good catch! EDHREC and FABREC are siblings, and are built by the same card-game-loving team.
We can run custom ad campaigns for companies and individuals that want to target FABREC users. Contact us (specify you're reaching out about FAB), and we can send over the ad units we have available and some more information on what we can do. We're pretty flexible so just message us!